September 2011

How things have changed, i'm now starting my own Multimedia Company Canen Concepts. This is allowing me to grow as a person, as well as provide a much needed service to small companies in the Richmond, VA area.

June 2008

I has been a while sense my last update. I have a new job in Richmond, Virginia working for PrecisionIR as a Webcast Coordinator. I have moved back to Mechanicsville and i am loving life. I miss alot of my old co-workers but life goes on and i am looking forward to the future.

March 2008

Working on the Lurcher model.

Also added professional credits and descriptions to projects i have been test lead on.

January 2008

Working on more web content and keep updating my site with new graphics.

Also finished the new Komi Bags site, head over to my web content to view the site.


December 2007

Updated my site with some new images of models, and i am starting to do more web design.


September 2007

Added my demo reel and updated my resume. Working on New content for a updated reel.


August 2007

Site is up and running. Still making updates here and there. Look around and let me know what you think. More Updates to come.